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magda malina

various headpieces and objects / free work and collaborations



nohair_01 magda malina nozomi kume           nohair magda malina nozomi kume

Nohair / headpieces for a collection by Nozomi Kume / silicon and hair / photography Erica Baltimore


tooi magda malina magda malina foamy magda malina rainhead

Short Cuts FFW / free work / research / various materials


magda malina magda malina magda malina magda malina magda malina magda malina

Chromo / Papercut - How to love the Moment /free work / paper


 magda malina how to love the moment / Iwan        magda malina how to love the moment / Ella

Papercuts // How to love the Moment / shoulderpieces /paper / photography Lucas Hardonk



time is still

Time is still / shoulderpiece / paper / collaboration with GaleriePR / photography Kalouna Toulakoun



ime is still magda malina nele vosmagazine vosbrenner magdamalina
magda malina time is stilltime is still magda malina vosbrennermagda malina vos brennervosbrenner time is still magda malina galerie pr

Time is Still / magazine / VOSBRENNER for Magda Malina / in collaboration with GaleriePR




L.A.M.P and Kush / lamp / wearables / evacast / cotton




Quintus / bottle / porcelein




One but different / object / model / plaster



Ticket Counter /Fort Asperen - Peter Greenaway Exhibition // Wisperintree / sound installation /Nederlandse Muziek Dagen
collaborations with Barry Rengelink